Silvano Yanateh

Silvano Yanateh

My name is Silvano Yanateh, I am 26 years old and I am black in complexion. I like working in the hospital because being a nurse is my greatest interest. Also, I like reading books, especially sciences books, playing football and watching news on TV

First of all, I will like to thank God for given me the opportunity to be part of this scholarship. The AforA scholarship has help me to continue my university education. I would have stopped without your support. I am very happy now because AforA have change my life for better and have reduces the burden on my parents. AforA is a life changer. Thank you AforA!

Fall semester 2016: 

First of all I want to thank the Almighty God  for giving me support (scholarship) through the AforA. I am very happy for that. Myy greatest achievemnet this semester so far is that I have been able to register all my courses and I am able to attend  all the calsses (lectures)  comfortably and  all the classes that I registered for are going fine with me. The following are the courses that I have registered for this semester: Medical Surgical Nursing 2,  Nursing Research, Community Nutrition, Advance Health and Physical Assessment, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Sustainable Development.  Continous assessment will soon begin but exams will start in December.

Spring semester 2017

I am able to registered all my courses and I am attending all the classes without any problem. Despite not having a laptop, I manage to passed all my exams.

Fall semester 2017

So far this year, I have not fail any of my exams. I am glad that, after studying hard and all the struggles, I have passed all the courses that I am doing. This semester is going fine as at now except that I am in need of a laptop I have also registered for all the courses

Spring semester 2018

I was able to registered all my courses and also passed all the exams in 2017

Bachelor’s degree nursing July 2018


June 2019
I am currently working at Westfield Clinic. And some of my tasks are:
– I provide and manages the basic care of patients.
– Educates patients in health matters and assist in their rehabilitation.
– Assist in the supervision and management of wards.
– Supervises and helps teach junior staff.
– Prepare and dispense drugs to patients according to Doctors’ prescription.
– Advise patients on how to take their medication and some contraindications of the drugs
Uppföljning i Gambia Oktober 2019:
Silvano fortsätter arbeta på Weastfield Clinic och betalar successivt av det lån han behövde ta för att lösa sina skulder till universitetet som han hade innan han fick hjälp genom AforA. Hans månadslön motsvarar knappt tusen svenska kronor – även för att vara Gambia är detta lågt men förklaras av att chefen för sjukhuset hjälpte honom gratis med boende och transporter under utbildningen och detta är en sorts återbetalning. Han älskar dock arbetet och skaffar massor med erfarenhet. På längre sikt vill han gärna gå vidare med Master’s examen i epidemiologi och global hälsa. Utbildningen ges dock inte i Gambia. Den enda Master’s för sjuksköterskor i Gambia är ”Community Health”.