Sheriff Joof

Sheriff Joof


My Name is Sheriff Joof, a final year student at the University of The Gambia, major in Economics and minor in Finance. I’m one of the lucky scholars of AforA (Academy for Academics). An aspired economist.

Fall semester 2016:

The semester is almost ending and we are  in the middle of our assessments. I am doing six(6) courses (Advance Microeconomics, Structure of The Gambian economy, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Research Methods, Financial Management and Managerial Communications), three of which are majors. I just had a test today on Research Methods, which was at least and I am supposed to submit a Research assignment on women empowerment next week Tuesday. I also had a test on Advance Microeconomics, Financial Management, Managerial Communications, the results of which are yet to be pasted by the lecturers responsible. The only course that I am done with assessments is Business Ethics, which I scored 20/25 on the test and 22/25 on the assignment making it a total assessment score of 42/50. I have also had a presentation on Structure of The Gambian Economy on topic ‘Tourism’, which was very interesting. The semester basically been going fine but hectic at the moment as elections are fast approaching, that is December 1st 2016, the lecturers are all trying to cover their syllabuses before the elections as the political climate of this country remain cloudy, there are always uncertainties surrounding about post elections. What I want to say is lecturers are rushing us through as we are heading into elections. So the assignments I have at hand at the moment are; a test on
Structure of The Gambian Economy, Advance Microeconomics on ‘’Increasing cost Industry’’, a case study on Financial management, a presentation on Managerial Communications, and the research I mentioned earlier. We will be starting our final exams on December 14th 2016. Basically that is all about my semester so far

Spring semester 2017

It never gets any easier as you proceed but the was fruitful. I did five courses, Investment Analysis, Business Corporate, Financial Statement Analysis, Taxation 1 and Public Finance, being my only major out the five. My first part assessments were ok on average. Score 20 and over in almost all my courses out of 25 except for Public Finance which I 5 points below the 20 points. The other part of my assessment were all writeups and some quantitative assignments with some analysis involve. I’m hopeful that they will turn out well. The exams where not bad either so over all I’m optimistic!

Fall semester 2017

The AforA scholarship means so much to me. There were times I had to skip semesters because the means were not there, but with the help of AforA, now every semester counts! Thanks to AforA I’m edging closer to achieving my dreams

I have just concluded a group project that I have been working on together with my group members the past weeks comparing the banking system of France to that of The Gambia, and we made a presentation on it. I’m currently working on another project on savings and credit management. Had four assignments on international economics, completed and submitted the three working on the fourth assignment. Also had a test on Management Acounting last week having another on Auditing by the end of the week. Midterm has just begun so a lot of tests, assignments and projects will be lining up in coming weeks

Bachelor of economy January 2018

Follow-up October 2019

Contract jobs various companies

November 2021

Permanent and full-time job at a communication company.