Sainey Loom

Sainey Loom

My name is Sainey Loom. I study  development studies. I grew up in  an extended family with 12 brothers and 5 sisters in  a small farming  village  called Toroba at the North bank . There is no electricity in village but solar power in one building. We have a borr hole and local pump for water supply. I would like to work together with two of my brothers: one studies agriforrestry and the other one owns land. Together wewill have a business in village and open garden for community service. We will grow vegetables in rainy season and work with preservation. We will sell to the community and educate people in farming. This will be my contribution to take away poverty from the area and to eradication of human poverty.

Fall semester 2016
Regressing back to my behaviors and perspectives during and after high school, I woul say I am making a progress, as I have now realise that I am also capable of doing something maeninful in my
life were ever I am, as oppose to my former notion that if I want to be successful I need to be in Europe or in the Americas. And approaches like Participatery Rural Appraissal (PRA)has helps a lots in
reaching and knowing the conditiongs of the very poor

Spring semester 2017

Presentation was a big challenge but now am getting use to it little by little, learning from Less Brown, making my move before I am ready

Fall semester 2017

I have passed all my seminars (tests) so far and I got an outstanding result in my Physiology mid term exam

Bachelor of development studies January 2018

14 december 2018

I was able to secure an internship position from United Purpose formerly Concern Universal, an NGO company operating in the Gambia and other countries around the world. The internship period is six months, and I have already gone a month now.

My family is coping well, currently on the harvesting period of the past rainy season. I do visit whenever am opportune to, most often on the heat period of farming activities, to give an extra human resource so as to ease work load, was there few days during the harvesting of the groundnut and pearl millet, which are the two most grown crop in my community.

My current desire is to be on the contemporary issues for now, for exposure and experience, so that will be able to strike a balance between concepts learned and its practicality in the real world. I will be scouting for opportunities too, to work on masters degree program and possibly PHD on development related courses.

Report March 2019

It is been long since I last connect with you, my apology for any inconvenience. I was wanting to message you since after our graduation, to project my profound appreciation to you and the entire AforA team your efforts are notice and will be forever cherish.
I am still yet to collect my certificate but will soon, I have been engaging myself on the civil sector organisation for the past five months, working with United Purpose an international NGO as an intern under the monitoring and evaluation team.
I have the hope that they staff me at the end of the six months internship contract but that doesn’t stop me from exploring other options.
Our task is to support the monitoring and evaluating officer in executing his duty…he is responsible for monitoring of projects implementations reporting on projects standings…
The second picture I was with a then graduate assistance and now a political science lecturer.
The third picture on the right is my brother from same Dad and on the left is my mate and brother. We did senior school together and he was a semester ahead of me @  UTG.
Uppföljning i Gambia oktober 2019
Sainey har nu fått en statlig anställning till en början ett år men möjlighet till förälängning. Han arbetar med forskning och uppföljning av livsmedels- och jorbruksutveckling. Han lyser av entusiasm när han berättar om olika typer av odlingar och förvaring och om svårigheten att samordna inom Gambia pga floden som skiljer landet i två delar, eftersom det är glest mellan broar och färjor. Sainey kommer själv från en jordbrukande familj och har kunnat hjälpa dem både praktiskt och ekonomiskt pga sin utbildning. Han drömmer om att göra en Master’s examen i något annat land och sedan återvända med än mer kunskap.
September 2020
The pandemia has disrupted the mode of operandi of the world but we are still fighting, adjusting and coping well.  As I mentioned to do you during your last visit, which is ”having a job offer from NGO Affairs Agency at the Ministry of Lands, Local Government and Religious Affairs”. I am currently posted at the Central River Region of the Gambia to closely collaborate and worked with NGOs community.
The position doesn’t carry attractive wage but it thus give me the exposure and the opportunity to learn from contemporary issues and test conceptual ideas learned. Thus me and my likes are forever grateful for your team’s intervention and we hope to repay you by doing all we can to improve lives, to stand up for our communities and the world at large.  I pray that we find the cure for the virus and to every other sickness and I pray for peace and hope to rain in every corner of the world.


I have been on a mandatory two-year internship at the main teaching hospital before I could qualify to hold a licenceto practiseon my own.

I live with my mother, father and 6 siblings. My father was the sole breadwinner of the family however since graduation last year I’ve also helped finance some family needs.

April 2022

Am currently living with my family as my office is in Kerewan which is 8km from my village. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of my family thus we working on establishing a mixed farm were we will have horticulture, vegetable, poultry and animal husbandry. I was employed as intern few months before the graduation at United Purpose (an international NGO operating countrywide to reduce poverty). I spent a year and some months there. I applied for a position at the NGO Affairs Agency office and was lucky to receive an offer. NGO Affairs Agency is the Government body responsible for registering, monitoring NGOs operations in the Gambia. It’s the administrative link between Government and NGOs. I was first posted in the Central River Region and spent a year there. Now am deploy to North Bank Region my birth Region. I am the Regional Program Officer.