Peace Nmorsi

Peace Nmorsi

I am Peace Arimokwu Nmorsi. I am a Nigerian and I hail from Agbor, Delta state, Nigeria. I am currently a fourth year medical student in the University for the Gambia. I am the third born of my parents. I love God fearing, humble, kind, loyal, honest, friendly people. I dislike proud, dishonest, arrogant people. My best colors are white, purple and pink.

Fall semester 2017

My academic achievements has been good and my performance has been excellent too

Spring semester 2018

Good!!!and I pray it continues like that

Fall semester 2018

It has been a wonderful academic year because I have learnt a lot in my clinical rotations

Fall semester 2019

So far, my academic achievements have good and the challenges are just in the adjustments to on calls while having to prepare for school the following day.

Spring semester 2020

I haven’t really achieved a lot this year due to the pandemic but hopefully to continue and push on

Fall semester 2020

It hasn’t be smooth due to the fact that we need to wait because of coronavirus as also even the online classes were not too effective but looking forward to resuming next week

Spring semester 2021:

Wow…2021 has been hectic but so far I’ve been able to pass both my medicine and obstetrics and gynecology exams.

August 2021

Passed the exams! We are waiting for date for both from the administrative. Hopefully before end of next month.