Paul Demba

Paul Demba

My name is Paul Demba. I grew up in Bakoteh with my mother, step-father and siblings. After high school I was hoping to go to the GTTI but realized that my gardes would actually qualify me to go to the university. The generous sponsor that had supported me from nursery school to high school promised me to help. That was actually the inspiration to AforA.

Fall semester 2016

I have not faced any challenge so far this semester. And the achievements could be, the adjustment on my CGPA and I expecting to see a similar thing happening the end of this semester; in Decembe

Bachelor of arts and science:  Political science January 2017

Uppföljning i Gambia oktober 2019

Paul har försörjt sig som gymnasielärare och fortsätter jobba heltid fast han nu är mitt i sin master’s utbildning. Han har just lämnat in sin ansökan om ämne för sin uppsats och föreslagit ”Educational sponsorship and human capital development in the Gambia problems and prospects”.

Report March 2020:

I write this brief report to the AforA in order to give the organization current information about the progress and status of the master program I started in January 2019.

The program is set to last for two years, wherein the first year shall be dedicated for academic course work and the second year dedicated for project/thesis writing. As it stands, we have completed the course work since December 2019 and we are currently under preparation to commence the writing of our project/thesis which should be completed before December 2020. In addition, we have already been allocated supervisors and work shall start in harness.

So far, the program has been running smoothly and I have not encountered any problem or difficulty when it comes to registration/ tuition because of the timely respond of the AforA executive, and I profusely commend you on that. However, despite the smooth progress of the entire exercise there are still some challenges I encounter most especially on the side of combing work and studies. But, beside that everything is working pretty well.

Finally, I would like to profusely thank the entire AforA members for the support and encouragement accorded to me throughout these years.


April 2022

I am teaching at a catholic mission school called Saint Augustine’s Secondary school since the completion of my degree program. I am living with my family , parents, two brothers and two sisters. I’m currently doing a masters program, hoping to complete my thesis writing before the end of this month, and then will wait for my final defense to be scheduled.