Ousman E Bah

Ousman E Bah

I am Ousman E Bah, a Gambian by nationality, age 29. I am a Muslim by religion and practice and a Fula by ethnicity. I have a chocolate colour and I measured 1.80 meters in height. I am currently a final year student at the university of the Gambia undertaking my under graduate degree in Biology.

AforA has definitely restored hope and confident to me and my parents. Finance was a big burden on them but thanks to AforA that is a think of the past. With AforA, i now believed that i will achieve my academic dream. There is no enough words for me to use to tell you thank you but I will just say a big THANK YOU to the AforA Team

Fall semester 2016

So far for this semester, I am doing very well in my academic work, having pass all assessments, and assignments. The courses I am taking for this semester are: Advanced microbiology, Principles of Chemistry 1, Ports Sanitation and International Health Regulations, Animal Physiology 1, Embryology, Introduction to Information Communication Technology (ITC).Challenges are inevitable and my Main challenges are access to Laptop and computers and internet to do my assignments. Photocopying and access to text books is also a challenge.
Spring semester 2017
I have excelled very well in all my courses. My hard work, determination and the love for socialization has motivated me to participate in students affairs. I happy to inform you that am elected as the president of the UTG science students’ association
Fall semester 2017
So far my academic achievements are excellent having passed all my courses and now entering my final year.

Report March 2018

I write to inform you that I have successfully completed my studies at the UTG.
I am sorry for the late information because my intention was to do this semester in order to complete my minor in Public and Environmental Health.
But the school of public health issued a statement recently indicating that no student will minor public health as it’s a domain of it’s own only major is allowed.
This was the reason why I did not inform you because I was with the belief that I will register for this semester having already done four courses in public health.
However, I will write a comprehensive thank you letter for both your team AforA and my sponsors.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
Your beneficiary I remain!
Ousman E Bah.

Bachelor’s degree in Biology July 2018

9 december 2018

I am currently employed by the Board of Governors, kaur Senior Secondary School as a biology and health science teacher…
I am living in ”Sare Maila Village(Kaur) With my parents, The situation of my family still remains more or less the same due to the size but however, I am now able to support the from my little salary at the end of every month.
My future plan is not to be a teacher actually but to become a lab scientist and also to pursue my masters degree in the soonest possible time.
Follow-up October 2019
Teaches biology and chemistry in a high school
March 2021
I am doing fine and always thanking AforA for the benevolent support. I stopped the teaching and I am now working with the ministry of health as a Laboratory Scientist. Doing all the cocid testing for the country
June 2022
Upon completion my bachelor’s degree I was working with Kaur Senior Secondary School as a biology and Healthy Science teacher (also served as Head of Science Department). In 2021 I picked up an employment with the National Public Health Laboratory under The Ministry Of Health (The Gambia) as a Laboratory Scientist. Currently am posted at Basse District Hospital as the Head of Laboratory Services in the region. Meanwhile, am always knocking on opportunities to go for my masters but still luck is not on my side. All I wished for now is to go for my Masters degree