Nancy Kujabi

Nancy Kujabi

My name is Nancy Kujabi,I am a freshman at the university of the Gambia, and I plan on majoring in political science. My end goal is to become a diplomat. Again, thank you so much afora for your support!

No words could possibly express how happy I was when I was informed that I had been chosen and sponsored by you to receive a scholarship.thank you so much for your endless support.After receiving the scholarship news, it has lifted my spirit tremendously! Thank you so much for sponsoring my education. Thank you for making my dream come true.I am so grateful

Fall semester 2018

My academic performance is much more better in the second semester but I managed to have good grades and I had a fruitful academic year.

Spring semester 2019

So far satisfactory

Fall semester 2019

My academic achievements would be that I have managed to gain confidence when speaking in public both in school and in the community. Also, I have a wider view on the issues that are affecting our development, be it economic or political issues. My only challenge is the fact that I still do not have a laptop, which always make me to submit my assignment late

Spring semester 2020

So far this semester, I haven’t done any test or assignment yet. our lectures was interrupted by the covid -19 pandemic.

Fall semester 202o

My grades where of average because of the online lectures. I always experience poor internet connection in my area as a result, I find it very difficult to attend most of the lectures which affected my performance last semester.

Spring semsester 2021

Doing well in all my courses

Fall semester 2022

Am glad that I was able to uplift my GPA..

April 2022

Finished all courses, waiting for clearance. No job yet.