Muhammed Bojang

Muhammed Bojang

My name is Muhammed Bojang, a native of Gunjur Village Kombo South District. I live with my both parents, I have brothers and sisters as well. After completing my Secondary School at Gunjur Upper Basic School. I attended my High School at Sifoe Senior. I came straight to the University of The Gambia after completion of my High School. I am a second year  student at the University of The Gambia, Schools of  Art and Science, majoring Development Studies under the division of humanity and social sciences.

Fall semester 2018

Basically I was able to secure very good grade for this year

Spring semester 2019

Basically, I was able to build up my horizon as I exposed to lecturers.

Fall semester 2019:

I do have divers knowledge in different fields that comes to my way. The 2019 academic year was very much challenging to me due to some family pressure.

Spring semester 2020:

I have some progress in my academic career, that’s haven some good credits and some knowledge from discussed courses. At the same time I have some constraints which retard some of my academic progress more sure the pandemic.

Fall semester 2020:

Verily; I have an adjustment in my educational awareness, develope in the mentality of education is the key to success and key to transformation. Again, I have some challenges which includes economic constraint due to the effect of pandemic, and a challenge due to the breakdown of my laptop which facilitate my education and reduces burden on me

Spring semester 2021

The semester so far is going well and as expected.