Mary Mam Degen Fye

Mary Mam Degen Fye

My name is Mary Mam Degen Fye and I am a law student. My dram is to advocate for children and women. I would like to get a MAsters degree in human rights  and come back and work back to the Gambia.  I was meant to make my voice heard, to give back to the country and to serve as an example for other women. My goal is to have a gender neutral society and that is what I am going to spend the rest of my life fighting for.

Fall semester 2016:
The semester has been going well so far even though there are some of the usual challenges. I am doing six courses this semester International Humanitarian Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, Islamic Law of Evidence and Basic Math’s. I have been attending lectures and we are currently writing midterm test and assignments. I am glad to report that I havefinished my one year internship at the US Embassies American Corner, which I have been certified for.

Spring semester 2017

I have successfully served as the Gender minister of the Law Students Association, our association was awarded the best Sub Association of the Year by the, University of The Gambia Students Association

Bachelor of law June  2017

Report February 2018

My Name is Mary Mam Degen Fye. I got the AforA Scholarship in my final year at the University of The Gambia. The support I recived from AforA has meant a lot to me, my family and my community. I was owing money to the university and AforA has helped me with that. This brought great joy to me and my family. For my final year at The University of The Gambia I had no financial worries relating to my studies, due to the support I recived from AforA.

I finished my final semester at UTG in June, but I would be officially awarded  my degree in January, at the graduation.
Ceremony. After my final semester I have been involved in some volunteering activities. Volunteered at Think Young Women to collect data on Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation, this was sponsored by UNICEF. I have also been working on The No Box Foundation to help empower women and girls reach and harness their full potential. This very relevant to my career because my ultimate goal is to be a human rights lawyer.

My dreams for the future are many but I will tell you about a few. By this time next year I hope to be enrolled in Masters Program or Bar school. I want to be a human rights lawyer so that I can advocate for the rights of women and girls in my community, Africa and the world at large; being a human rights lawyer would put me in a better position to be able to effective advocate, stand for and demand the rights of women and girls. I have been an advocate seems I was 14 years old being a human rights lawyer would be fulfilling a promise I made to my 14 year old self.
In other to achieve this dream I must go to bar school. Everyone who aspires to be a lawyer must take the bar exams. I would also like to be enrolled in a master program on International Human Rights Law. To become a full fledged Human Rights Lawyer.
I do not have a job yet, but I intend to start applying for jobs in January after my graduation.
Words cannot express how great full  I am to AforA and the Sponsors. I am very happy with the education I received from UTG. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. AforA has made what would have been a very stressful journey an easy journey, and for that I would be forever great full.

9 december 2018

I have amazing news, I got accepted to the Gambia Bar school. I am doing the BAR now after which I will be called to the BAR as a  Barrister and Solicitor  of the Supreme Court of the Gambia. I still volunteer but not as much as before because the BAR program is very difficult and requires a lot of work and attention.
Uppföljning i Gambia oktober 2019
Mary Mam klarade sin advokat examen och väntar nu på det formella godkännande i slutet av november och skall därefter tjänstgöra minst 9 månader i Gambias Högsta Domstol. Hon berättar att hon behöver göra detta för att komma vidare men att det ändå är smärtsamt att lämna sitt nuvarande arbete inom mänskliga rättigheter där hon deltar i arbetet med att hjälpa de cirka 1000 gambier vars mänskliga rättigheter blivit grovt kränkta genom fängsling och tortyr under den förra regimen att få en rättslig prövning och upprättelse. Mary drömmer om att sedan gå vidare till en Master’s examen vilket innebär att hon behöver söka nytt stipendium och söka sig utomlands men hon är starkt motiverad att återvända till Gambia och vara med och bygga upp en bättre framtid.
Mail November 2019
I am happy to inform you that I have been called to the BAR as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Gambia. I have attached a picture of me in my legal outfit.
March 2021
Everything is going well with me. I have completed my pupilage at one of the top law firms in The Gambia and I am also working with The Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violation part time.
Hopefully I will be enrolled sometime this year. I have been applying for Masters Degree programs and scholarships. I’m looking forward to being enrolled in a Masters program by September.

April 2022

Over the past one year;

  1. I got enrolled as a legal practitioner in The Gambia, I am now qualified to practice law in The Gambia and I have been doing that.
  2. I have also started working part time at a Women’s rights organization called ”Women in Liberation and Leadership”.
  3. I got admitted for an LL.M in Gender International and Comparative Law at the American University Washington College of Law in the US. with partial scholarahip.

I have my visa interview next month.

It has been a good year so far, and I am forever greatfulto AforA for opening these doors for me.