Mariama Njie

Mariama Njie

My name is Mariama Njie  I come from Lamin and have 5 siblings.  I study agriculture and aim to work with animal life stock at a science department. Maybe later I would like to have my own business. I can see a need to commercialize acriculture in this country.. 80% av gambian population are engaged in acriculture but only hands to mouth. It is important for the country to make use of this by mechanizing and commercializing.

Fall semester 2016:

The first semester of the 2016/2017 academic year, I registered six(6) courses aniamal breeding, animal nutrition, pasture and range management, feeds and feeding, reproductive physiology and artificial insemination and crop physiology. I already had test and assignments in some of them but others am about to have test. Well so far in my total assignment am above average and reading hard for the test and assignments to come. In some of the courses like animal breeding and reproductive physiology and artificial insemination we had a field trip to international tryposonmiasis center for the
practical site of the courses. Some of the problems I see this semester are internet connection and books to read. It is difficult to have books in my area of study in our libary to read

Spring semester 2017

For this semester am almost done with my midterm exams. So far all the result that I have received are above average

Bachelor of agriculture  June 2017


Started a chicke farm. Work part time at a veterinarian clinic.

Follow-up October 2019

Works at the Dept of Live Stock Services