Mariama Bayo

Mariama Bayo

My name is Mariama Bayo. I grew up in a big extended family in Kololi. I graduated fron Nusrat Senior School. I study accoutancy.

Fall semester 2016:

So far the semester is good but also hectic. We have a short semester due to the election taking palce in December. This election is the biggest thing affecting us. It leades to too many  holidays, delay of classes etc. But so far school is great because now I am almost done with midterms  and halfway gone with my assignments and presentation.  This semster I am taking six courses which are 18 credit hours. (Econometrics 2, Managerial Communication,  History and Economic Thoughts, Project Managemnet, Introduction to Gender).  So far I have three presnetations to do  and four assignments to summits in the next two weeks and I have done four midterm tests out of six and the others are due 21th and 24th this month but none of the grades are out yet.

Spring semester  2017

So far I have done all my assignments and midterm and in few week ls time I will take my exams which will be my last as this is my last semester, therefore by June I will be a Bsc graduate in Economics.


Graduate bachelor of accoutancy July 2017;

Reported in May 2018

I am so happy to write to u, how are you and the rest of your Family. It’s been a while since we last wrote to each. How is work I hope everything is going well with u guys and I really do miss u all.
 Am writing to tell that I have finally secure a Job as a SUB TAX OFFICER 1 at The Gambia Revenue Authority as at July this year. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the miracle you have become in my life I can’t be here today if not for your help. Thank you very much and also want to let am also planning on doing my masters as soon as I can I want to work for atleast a year then try and go for my masters if all goes well. Not sure if it is a good idea but that’s what my Goal is.
Thank you once again!
With love
Mariama Bayo
Follow up November 2019:
Happy with full-time job as a Sub Tax Officer
Follow up by phone August 2020:
(together with sponsor Anne and Lars-Enok), very happy with full-tome job as a sub-tax officer and happy to contribute to family support
April 2022
Working as a civil servant since four years. Married, one kid.