Leroy Leonard Ikini

Leroy Leonard Ikini

I am Leroy Lenard Ikhine, a 21-year-old Gambian, studying medicine at the university of the Gambia. I live in Kanifing with my family of 8. I am a Christian boy and a big believer in hard work and optimism. I have a passion for what I study and that is what makes me who I am.

Spring semester 2018:

In the year 2017, I did my part1 professional exams (biomedicals) and passed all my courses. I am now in my 4th year (clinicals)and am very happy about it. Again, as the assistant sports minister i was lucky to be selected to represent The Gambia medical school,along with three other students, in a yearly exchange programme between The Gambia medical students and medical students from swansea uk. So i was in the uk for 2weeks just learning and experiencing how medicine is done there.The trip was all sponsored by the swansea university and i was very happy to have seen how diverse things there were from here.

Fall semester 2018:

I have been able to pass all my courses and have now made it to my 5th year in medical schoo

Spring semester 2019:

I’ve successfully passed all my school works and credited all my grades.

Fall semester 2019:

I made it to the next class…and it was very very hectic trying to balance medicine and social life

Spring semester 2020:

2019/2020 was the toughest and most challenging academic year I my Life. I almost felt like giving up and just quitting honestly but I got back up and overcame my hurdles and challenges.

Fall semester 2020:

Sofar I’ve managed to pass my pediatrics posting exams which was our last posting before obstetrics and gynecology which we’re on right now.

Spring semester 2021:

It has been a though but wonderful experience, the pandemic has thought us if digital means of doing things even thou we face network issues but it was worth the distancing