Khaddijatou Ceesay

Khaddijatou Ceesay

My name is Khaddijatou Ceesay. I was born in 1992 and study medicine. I live in Kotu South as the second child out of four. My parents are working hard for me and my siblings to have a good life and to go to school. After  high school I volunteered at the hospital in Banjul while waiting to be able to raise money for university. I love caring and helping. and want to become a doctor  to ease and relieve suffering and save lives. I am considering cardiology as my future specialist field.

Fall semester 2016

This has been one of the best semesters that I have had in the UTG so far because I have been relieved of the burden, stress and shame of tuition fee issues.The semester has been hectic but it is going fine so far and I am doing really well in all courses. We had some delays in chemical pathology and virology and we are trying to catch up and complete lectures as well as laboratory practicals before exams. This is the final semester for Pharmacology and laboratory medicine and I’m doing the following courses: Pharmacology, Haematology, Chemical pathology, Anatomical pathology and Microbiology. The
proposed time for the end of semester exams is mid-November after which I have a month to prepare for my part 2 professional exams which is to be in January 2017

Spring semester 2017

Now a fifth year Medical student, I think I’m getting a little closer to saving the world in the field of Medicine. I am a smart, young and patient lady who is in love with medical science because it astonishes me every other day.

The scholarship could not have come at a better time than it did. With my dad about to retire it has lessened his thoughts and his burden. I’ve got no stress with regards to my studies and I’m performing better than ever. My family and I will forever be grateful. Long live AforA!!!

April 2017, I wrote to one of the most demanding professional exams of my school’s curriculum (laboratory medicine and Pharmacology)and I passed all the courses. I’m currently doing community medicine course and I’ve been doing just great

Fall semester 2017

I have done two rotations this year Internal Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynaecology and I have excelled in both. I have Learnt a whole lot of practical aspects in these areas. I have also been elected as Auditor General in our Medical student’s association and I’m also doing great in that aspect

Spring semester 2018

I wrote to my second professional exams and I passed it. I have done 3 clinical rotations and passed all

Fall semester 2018

This year I have completed all the required number of courses and have passed all of them.

Spring semester 2019

In 2019, I have passed all the internal exams so far and also passed the external exams of part 3 which has automatically qualified me to proceed to final year

Fall semester 2019

In 2019 I sat to my 3rd professional exams in the medical school as per our curriculum and I passed all my courses to qualify as a final year student. As required in the final year, I’m currently working on my research but I am finding it very hectic and challenging because we do not have prior research experience.

Spring semester 2020

2020 has been more of working on my final year research and preparing for final exams which was supposed to be in June but now seems to be eternity

December 2020

Medical graduation

April 2022

Second year of housemanship. Married and has a son.