Kanni Touray

Kanni Touray

My name is Kanni Touray. I am 20 years old. I am tall, slim and black in complection. I like reading and cooking. I was born in Gambia in Kololi village. I have four sisters and a brother we all live with our parents

Spring semester 2018:

I have achieve a great pass in 2017 as i have A*(excellent)in most of my courses.

Fall semester 2018:

I have been able to have higher grades which increases my GPA

Spring semester 2019:

So far I have improve in my grades as I’m able to have high grades in all the Tests and assignments

Fall semester 2019:

I have a very good grades in all my courses so far in 2019

Spring semester 2020:

My achievement is I am able to have A’s in my recent grades entered. And the challenge I face so far is unable to meet my supervisor for my final year project.

18 dec 2020

Bachelor of science in accoutancy!

The Ceremony will be in the month of February but the exact date is yet to be announced. But once the date is announce I’ll let you know. We will love it if you will be able to attend it

Graduation ceremony February 2021




May 2021

I’m currently working at the Gambia Investment Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) under the investment department as Project Development Officer.

Our department have a mandate to promote investment in the Gambia so we have a package called Special investment Certificate. With this Certificates it enables investors to have free tax on there imported capital goods.. this is one of the means of encouraging investors because import duty tax is expensive and once it is free it better for the business. But again there are criteria’s to fulfill first before being qualified and there needs to be an appraisal on your investment, That’s were i play a role which include the task of doing investment appraisal. Also to prepare the import list which will show the capital goods to be imported.
Verify there financial statements and as well check if all the requirements of the Special investment Certificate are met before the GIEPA board approves it.
All other financial task of the department is done by me too