John Louis Gomez

John Louis Gomez

My name is John Louis Gomez and am 23 years of age. I live in Brusubi Phase 2 with my uncle. I am the last born and only male child of my family (Gomez). I have an average height and am a friendly person. I love watch current news, reading newspapers and discussing about societal problems, and how to solve it.

AforA is my source of hope and inspiration to strive for excellent in my academic studies at the UTG. They have been so instrumental and supportive in my life. My family and my country the Gambia are so grateful to AforA for their benevolent gesture. Thank you!

Fall semester 2016:

I am doing seven courses this semester and my courses are as follows: Industrial and Labor Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Gambian Literature, International Organizations, Principles of Public Administration, Africa in the Global History since 1800 and Sub-Saharan Africa. So far for now, I have done many texts, assignments and presentations. I am left with 3 assignments to submit before the deadline and one more presentation to do. Base on the text papers I have written, including my assignments and presentation works; I have scored good grades. My only problem I am facing this semester is the issue of laptop and internet connection to do my assignments and research works. I am using my uncles laptop but the laptop has not been functioning this days effectively.

Spring semester 2017

2017 was my best academic achievements so far because of my determination and willingness for success and greatness. I had the best academic results last semester since joining the UTG.

Fall semester 2017

Last semester has been my best academic achievements with 3As and B+s

Sprimg semester 2018

2017 was my best academic achievements so far because of my determination and willingness for success and greatness.

Bachelor’s degree Political Science July 2018

9 december 2018

I live in Brusubi Phase 2. My family situation is okay than God. My future plan is to further my studies for my masters program. I’ve been for searching scholarship online.
april 2019
 I’m basically concentrating on finding a scholarship to do my masters and while I find a new job on my field of study. Thanks ??
Follow-up October 2019
Studying Advanced English at the university,
March 2021
Am working for Presentation Girls’ Vocational School (PGVS) and Gambia Pastoral Institute (GPI) on a migration project as a Job Service officer and as a *project coordinator”