Jariatou Baldeh

Jariatou Baldeh

I’m Jariatou Baldeh,a first year Law student of the University of The Gambia.I am a determined young lady who believes that with education women can break the shackles that prevent them from realising their fullest potentials.
Thanks to AforA, I don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking of my tuition fee.My thirst for knowledge is rejuvenated and I’m all set to excel in academia
Fall semester 2018:
I was able to finish all my courses on time and I hope to excel in all of them
Spring semester 2019:
I was able to complete all my courses on time all thanks to A for A. I had the best results in my class in two of my core courses. That to me, was a good achievement.
Fall semester 2019:
I was able to finish all my core subjects on time despite the short time and notifications from lectures and had distinctions in all of them. Some of the challenges include lack of text books, reading material and the ability to online research etc.
Spring semester 2020:
The year started great, until the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Now I have to be at home all the time. I have to do other extra house chores as well as reading my notes which is challenging.
Fall semester 2020:
I was able to excel in my courses despite the challenges of Covid 19 which includes lack of access to a good library.
Spring semester 2021:
I was able to complete all my registered course on time. The online classes isn’t ideal at all
August 2021
I have finished my final exams. Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be able to collect my transcript from the university as I intend to apply for the Gambia Law school which is currently enrolling students.
I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the help that you have rendered to me thus far. I am sincerely grateful!

January 2022

Going to higher law school  for nine months. I am doing 8-9 modules. So it is intense


March 5 2022

Graduation day