Jainaba Jagne

Jainaba Jagne

I am a medical student, born in 1994 and I am the second child of six (2 sisters, 3 brothers). We live in Brusubi Housing Estate, far from university. It takes me about an hour everyday,  so when I have exams I stay with friends.  When she was young always thought white collars were fancy. Now that I am more mature  I want to contribute to health sector within theGambia. It is not good that all  doctors of today are foreign. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Fall semester 2016

)the first part of my 4th year first semester has been a dream come through 🙂 for me. We started with nursing skills, which last for a period of 6 weeks. Which has been really exciting for me because for the past 3 years we have only been in the classrooms, but now we actually had the feeling of real medical students. We had two weeks for lectures in the classrooms and the remaining four weeks where spent in the wards. We got to be in different wards round the hospital, a week in each. My first week was at the Accident and emergency and intensive Care unit, then, Obstetrics and Gynae, later pediatrics and
finally surgery. I got to do some nursing procedures like IV cannulation, catherization, IM injections, check vital signs, administration of drugs, check BM and a whole lot more :). My Challenges however are the materials I need for my clinical procedures, like, BM machine, BP machine, stethoscope, thermometer and an O SAT machine. Plus I have only one lab coat so it’s like I need to watch it atleast every two days. We have NOT had any exams YET. My exams however will be taken next week because we were given this week to get prepared.Wish me luck 🙂 but I got this 🙂

Spring semester 2017

This year has been awsome so far :). I finished my introduction to medicine and surgery exams in the top 5 in my class. With a pass in surgery and a credit in medicine. Now we have started our laboratory medicine courses and am more of a medical student now 🙂

Fall semester 2017

I have started my laboratory medicine courses :). Which makes me a full time medicine student now. I have a professional exam at the end of my 4th year. Wish me luck 🙂

Spring semester 2018

So far so good 🙂 am about to sit to my professional exam marking the end of my 4th year and finally start 5th year 🙂

Fall semester 2018

So far so good, i am attending all my classes and i’ve succesfully passed my internal medicine and paeds rotations :), we are now in our surgery rotation and will be left with just one more rotation which is O&G, and that will be the end of 5th year. Wish me luck 🙂

Spring semester 2019

I have successfully completed my obstetrics and gynaecology posting 1 with credit and now doing our surgery 2 posting 2

Fall semester 2019

It’s been a great year. Everything is going on well so far.

Spring semester 2020

Ummm so far not much has been achieved because still can’t write my part professional exam and online classes had not started yet

Fall semester 2020

I have successfully written and passed my part three professional exam in paediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology :). I am officially a final year student.

Spring semester 2021

I was able to complete all my registered course on time. The online classes isn’t ideal at all.

August 2021

We made it ma’am 😩😩 we passed!!! We can’t thank the A for A enough!!! We’ll just continue praying for you all!! We are still waiting to be sworn in before we can apply for housejob.

October 22, 2021

January 2022
Started two-year housemanship at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul. It is 6 months of each internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics

March 5 2022

Graduation day

April 2022
Obtained degree in French A1.2