Halimatou Jallow

Halimatou Jallow

My name is Halimatou Jallow, an Economics major at The University of The Gambia. I graduated from high school in 2013 but due to financial complication I couldn’t do much since. Thanks  to A for A all of that is about to change

To me, it was like I will never complete my university studies. I sat for two semesters without attending lectures and was at home with helplessness. Thanks to A for A, a less privilege student like me will attend university studies and shall take lectures rigorously.

Fall semester 2018

Attending classes throughout the semester and represent my groups for presentation

Spring semester 2019

Me and my group member made a research on the causes of low quality in our education system ( the Gambia) which I presented to our class

Fall semester 2019

Getting all credits in my course and completing in debates my biggest challenge was having money to pay for my transport to school and home.

Spring semester 2020

One of my achievements is been a satisfy debater. My challenge was not having a laptop to read with because my laptop broke down, this I believe will really affect my grades for last semester.

Fall semester 2021:

Deferred for a project

Spring semester 2021:

I had achieved most of my courses credits except one, which was due to the financial challenges to acquire some books. The course demand books and they are costly.

August 2021

I am done with my Exams now. Thank you an the team I just dont know what my life would have become without your help. Thank you!!

May 2022

I got my attestation and just I signed a contract with International Trade Centre, It’s a consultant job. The company  is focused on topics with the greatest potential to achieve the UN global goals of increased prosperity, inclusiveness, and sustainability in developing countries. I enjoy it a lot!