Haddy Jawla

Haddy Jawla

My name is Haddy Jawla.I am a Gambian living with my parents and siblings. I am a third year student at the University of The Gambia studying information systems. My dream is to work with the health sector and develop it using information technology.

Well the scholarship came at a good time indeed. Since now my Father is not working and he was the one I relied on for my tuition and other necessities, so without the intervention of A for A I would have deferred this semester. So thank you A for A for your tremendous support it means a lot to me and my family.

Fall semester 2016

Well this semester I am doing six (6) courses those are Application Programming Principles 1,Information security and Assurance, Use of English 102,Cultural studies, Introduction to Psychology 101,IT Systems Software and hardware. In the beginning of the semester we had a meeting with the local contact Jimmy Hendry Nzally who gave us a review about the scholarship and also
assured us of the payment of the tuition fees and also advised to respect the terms and conditions of the scholarship, he also told us that he was going for his masters and handed over his job to Mrs. Aminata Njie who we met during the meeting and she also gave us a brief introduction of ourselves and advised on being honest and loyal.We also talked about creating a Facebook page for the A for A students so that we can know each other and interact one of our colleagues collected our names but I don’t know how far it has gone. We have done our mid-term examson all our courses; we are only preparing for our exams. In our Application Programming Principles 1 class we aredoing a project work in groups of three which we are now working on we are using java to create a birth certificate
form that allows you to enter birth certificate details of each individual but a username and password is need for one to be able to get into the form and we are almost half way through and the presentation will be done on the 08th of December. The only challenge that I am facing this semester is just one issue that is in the beginning of the semesterour faculty has been moved to MDI which is located in Kanifing but half way through the semester one of our lecturers moved the class back to Brikama.so on Mondays we have a class at MDI from 8:00 to 10:30am and we go back to Brikama and have a class from 11:30am to 1:30pm so not only is it tiring but a times we get late due to traffic congestion and we tend to pay a lot of fare so was preferable if we had the class in one place. That is the only issue I
am faced with.

Spring semester 2017:

Well I have taken part in the face of UTG 2017 and it was really a success that built my self confidence. I have been more into computer networking this semester and I have been successful enough to wire two cables and connect them to two computers and they were used for file transfer.I also used a software to configure routers and connect them to computers and they were working as in real life.I also created my own personal website which looked so amazing

Fall semester 2017:

Well during my course of study this year I was able to build my own personal website and also a website for students to get books and assistance. Presently I am working on my senior project which is to build an on blood bank information system in the Gambia and I would make sure it gets implemented to save the lives of people that die due to lack of access of blood at the right time.

Spring semester 2018:

Well my greatest achievement is that I have written a blood bank information system proposal for the Gambia as my senior project and plan to implement it upon completion of my studies

Bachelor’s degree in Information/communication September 2018

Report October 2018

I  write to you and the entire team to show appreciation for the support you have given me during my course of studies.I have not only benefitted from the tuition but also the allowances too which were of good help to me.I want to say thank you for making a dream come true.I have finally completed my course now and I have got a freelance Job at AlaTest which is a Sweden base company. I am yet to receive my final transcript but I will send it as soon as I get it.
Finally I will like to tell you that I will always be available whenever my service is needed.
March 2019
I really wanted to contact you and thank you for the relentless support you have given me . I just want to tell you that I have graduated in this past convocation and I graduated as the best student from myy school with magna cum laude.the picture is attached below. I have also started a post graduate diploma in farafenni were I am currently at and the course is for nine months.
F0llow-up Gambia oktober 2019
Haddy har fått ett stipendium för att läsa till ett postgraduate diploma inom it-kommunikation. det är ett 9-månaders program som berättigar henne att gå vidare med doktorandstudier.
December 2020
 I am currently in Ouagadougou pursuing my masters . we have started the course but we are currently on break.
Thank you and I will keep you posted.