Haddijatou Trawally

Haddijatou Trawally

Am Haddijatou Trawally, a third (3) year first (1) semester student of The University of The Gambia majoring information systems. I an intelligent, a very hardworking and talented young lady with goals and ambitions. After completion, i would like to go for masters and focus on project management hence, I want to be a project manager.

AforA Have been a great rescue to me and my family especially my mother who was trying so much in paying my tuition fee, but thanks to AforA that they had come to her help in a very good time and my future success. I cannot say much but to thank AforA for your uncountable support

Fall semester 2016:

|am a second year first semester student majoring Information systems. i am taking a maximum of six courses this semester, 3 major courses and 3 generalrequirements (ieApplicationProgramming Principles, Principles of lnformation Security Assurance, lT Systems: Hardware and Software, English102, Psychology  and Gender). I had a midterm test on all the courses and Assignments. I had a presentation on Gender based violence.
Spring semester 2017:

With this semester, I think I have boost up so much confidence in me and I am currently a member of the organising committee of our ITCA association

Fall semester 2017:

I have passed all my courses in the previous semester. During the summer, we conducted a summer training for the up coming kids abouts IT and I participated.

Spring semester 2018:

I am the assistant welfare director for the 7th executive of the ITCA association under our faculty.

Fall semester 2018:

I received a certificate as the assistant welfare minister of the school of ICT on an exhibition held on the 24th of November by the school of ICT.

Uppföljning Gambia oktober 2019

Haddijatou har efter kandidatexamen fått ett internship på Medical research Council’s it-avdelning. Hon arbetar med supportfunktion. Arbetet ersätts enbart med en summa som räcker till omkostnader för resor och är mer att se som en praktikplats än en anställning. Hon söker arbete på it-avdelningar på olika företag.

March 2021

I was sent to Nigeria by my organisation to go for a training for six months last year… I’m back home and working with Access bank Gambia as a cyber security and IT Compliance officer