Fatou Darboe

Fatou Darboe

I am Fatoumatta Darboe and I am 20 years old. I recently enrolled in the University of the Gambia studying a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. I hope to have a degree to help my family and my nation at large,

I will like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for what you have  done for me and all the other student, if I am writing an appreciation letter to the organization that has agree to offer me scholarship today is all because of ACADEMY for ACADEMICS. I am really happy about this scholarship knowing that I need not to worry much about my tuition fees next semester. ACADEMY for ACADEMICS made everything possible for me so please accept my appreciation THANK YOU and I hope you continue to do the great work that you are doing helping an  underprivileged people like me.

Fall semester 2018:

Getting A’s and B’s in my courses

Spring semester 2019:

So far I got A’s and B’s which is a great achievement for me

Fall semester 2019:

My achievements will be, i still managed to maintain a GPA of 3

Spring semester 2020

Well my achievements will be maintaining the GPA of 3.
My challenges so far is with the online classes as i am using my phone for my classes since i dont have a laptop anymore my hand and neck gets stiff for holding the phone for 2hrs or more and most times the phone will get extremely hot and the battery will not even serve you for the whole 2hrs.

Fall semester 2020

With the new initiative of the online class, last semester was the toughest semester for me because it was a new thing for me that not even being the main reason but the network was, which keeps breaking during the lesson. Despite that my achievement will be I still maintain my target which is not having the GPA Of less than 3.

Spring  2021

I have finally gotten clearance. Graduation is yearly base so am suppose to graduated next year February