Fatou Camara

Fatou Camara

I am Fatou Camara, a 19 year old girl and a first year student of the University of The Gambia.I am deeply honored and grateful to have a sponsorship from your foundation. I promise to work harder to stay with your foundation.Thank your for your kind consideration

Fall semester 2018

GPA of 3.80

Spring semester 2019

I have a GPA of 3.8

Fall semester 2019

I have a CGPA of 3.49. My academic challenges are the unavailability of learning materials and the cost of transportation to school

Spring semester 2020

My academic achievement for the year..I have a GPA of 3.4. The challenges I’m really facing at the moment it’s the studies material,I really struggled for my last semester and this semester too due to insufficient studies material. Most of our work is done by the use of laptops or computer for the Accountancy majors and I didn’t have any,so I always find it difficult to study which is really affecting me.

Fall semester 2020

I have a GPA of 3.4
The most challenges I’m facing currently on my studies is the online lectures and a laptop problem.The online lectures have been a challenged for me especially the past semester.Most of my courses are calculation which I found it very difficult to understand online because the lecturers are not been provided with any white board to help students for an ease understanding pertaining to a particular course,due to that we suffered a lot. Laptop has always been my wishes because the only means I study is through a mobile phone,the storage of the phone is very a limited for any tertiary academics.I have to delete some of my lecture notes in order to give space to other materials for studies.The only way we get access to lecture notes is in a form of soft copy and they are always bulky, to make them in a hard copy requires a lot of money so as a result I have to capitalize on my phone for studies and research.

Spring semester 2021:

Thank God for witnessing yet another semester though it was a challenging one. Especially with the issue of online classes. Poor network is my major problem which reflected in my performance last semester. But I am trying to solve the problem by looking for an area with a good connection to catch up.

Fall semester 2021:

My biggest academy challenges for this semester is the issue of Transportation. As the distance from my home to school is very far and the fare is so much costly. My Academic achievement is.
CGPA of: 3.59

April 2022:

I just completed my late Exam and got cleared. I have written to so many organizations and companies for an internship and to other companies as an employee but yet to no avail but I’m still optimistic that I would be called since I have been interviewed by some of them.