Fatoumata S Jallow

Fatoumata S Jallow

I am a young lady who is hungry for knowledge and always looking forward to learning new things. I love reading, watching medical series, playing volley ball and participating in extracurricular activities

Spring semester 2018

So far all has been going well with me because I had a distinction in my surgery one posting and a credit in my Obstetric and Gynecology and Paediatric one postings… Now i am in my 6th year and now doing my surgery two posting..

Fall semester 2018

Things have been going well with me so far. Among my academic achievements for the year 2018 are, I got the highest number of points in the end of posting exam for our surgery 2 posting and I also got the second highest number of points in our end of posting exam for our pediatric senior posting

Spring semester 2019

So far everthing has been going on smoothly. I did pass my OBGYN and Paediatric senior posting exams

Fall semester 2019

So far this year it has been a great year of academic excellence however it’s been and still so tough on us. This is because we have been doing subspecialties since mid way of 2019 up till now, these postings we do every two weeks or four weeks and at the end of each we write to an end of posting exams. I also wrote to my professional exams this year and came out with very good grades which gave me the chance to be able to be in the final year class. Looking forward to finishing next year.

Spring semester 2020

So far all has been well for me.

November 7 , 2020

Just wanted to inform you that we finally gonna start our final exams this Monday

December 2020:

Medical graduation