Bubacarr Conteh

Bubacarr Conteh

I’m Bubacarr Conteh,23 year old young dynamic guy with passion for education. I’m a second year first semester student at the university of The Gambia. Pursuing a degree in mathematics

Spring semester 2019:

My 2019 academic achievement is fine. So far all the assesments I did are impressing. This gave high hope that it will all end well

Fall semester 2019:

2019 is an amazing year for me, because academically I did well and excepting to continue on that. There were lot of challenges but with determination I was able to overcome them all

Spring semester 2020:

2020 was an interesting year because I attended the students week which enables me to meet with various people in different works of life and we share a lot of ideas which helps me a lot
Moreover, we were able to meet the students in Tendaba and sensitized them on illegal migration. Besides, I was optimistic that it will be one of my best semesters until the sudden appearance of this COVID-19.

Fall semester 2020:

To be candid 2020 is a year to remember. It really hinder my educational spirit and performance. The online classes plus the Covid-19 pandemic have changed everything.

Spring semester 2021:

2021 was really a hard year for me. The effect of COVID-19 was enormous; coupled with online classes with really make it worst. The year has tremendous affect my performance.

September  2021

I am finally done with exams  and my grades are all finally in. The graduation process will take time. Thank you once again for immensely for contributing to my dream
And it won’t have been possible without you.

November 2021

I finaly collected my attestation! The process has been taking time. Luckily I picked a job with Reliance Services, working as a credit officer, posted in

January 2022

Am working as a credit officer at Reliance financial service. I got an acceptance from Monroe college in the United States 🇺🇸for master’s in MBA

March 5 2022

Graduation day: Thanks a lot. All credit goes to u! Once again thanks for putting those smiles on my face!