Bintou Coker

Bintou Coker

  1. My name is Bintu Coker. I am a Journalism Student at the University of The Gambia. My passion for Journalism started back in high school when i present news on assembly ground every Friday and read to the class during lessons as well. I would like to be a news anchor someday and broaden my Journalism carrier with interesting stories from around the world (travel journalist). I have a desire for child/youth advocacy which i am working on and hopefully i will use my carrier to preach the world about the missing peace in both children and youths. I believe to reach to the world you need both the child and youths without them our world will be different

Academy for Academics has given me the opportunity to further my dreams and achieve the goals. It has not only wiped away my tears and lessen the worries but my parents as well. I thank each and every person for making my dreams coming to reality. Thank you

Spring semester 2017

Very Good

Fall semester 2017

Very Good

Spring semester 2018

Very Good

Fall semester 2018

Very good

Spring semester 2019

It has been challenging but with a strong push it is an encouraging one

Fall semester 2019


Spring semester 2020

This year is a planned delay in the academics. Our biggest challenge would have been missing a whole semester but Thank God for the introduced online classes.

Fall semester 2020

Challenging but worthy. I’m in my final semester and about to write my exams.

Spring semester 2021:

This year as my final year has been challenging with lots of work to complete and working on my thesis but so far so good.

August 2021

I am yet to receive my grade for my final paper until I do so I can’t be cleared. Currently I am the focal person for Migration Information Centre’s, responsible for monitoring there monthly activities, review reports , host radio and awareness raising activities, I have been given a project assistant post for the next 6 month

November 2021

I have yet to receive my final grade, our school change of Dean so things are slow. They promised to settle our grade by the end of this month. That is the only thing delaying me for clearance.Nnevertheless  it is going smooth, well the internship status have changed , I have been given a project assistant post for the next 6 months.

March 5

Graduation day

April 2022

Currently employed by the International Organization for Migration as a Project Assistant.