Bakary K Jawara

Bakary K Jawara

I am BAKARY K. JAWARA, clinical medical student at university of The Gambia. December 2016 is when I turned 30 and have lived in Gambia all my life. I have so much passion for reading but there are things outside of academics that I love, for example, football. My dream is to become a cardiologist to help deal with the rising trend in global cardiovascular diseases and my thesis (Hypertension and stroke with treatment adherence) is going to be directed towards that goal


Spring semester 2017

From June 2017 was when I started my subspecialties in internal medicine and surgery and I am happy that I passed all of them with good grades

24 juli 2018

This is BAKARY K JAWARA. Well as I to u earlier that I will be finished in month and lucky I’ve finished last week and passed my final professional examination in Internal Medicine, Surgery and Community medicine. 
My class is sworn-in in probably in September 2018.

Thank you!
Regards, Bakary

Bachelor of Medicine July 2018

I had my final professional exams in  July 2018  and until now I was working with my family to pay the arrears which was eventually done.
To answer your questions:
1. Yes since all I have ever wanted in my life is to become a doctor. Therefore I’m happy a d satisfied with what I’ve achieved
2. I’m still living in the Gambia
3. We were sworn-in in October 2018 and license by the medical and dental council of the Gambia. I have already filed my application and has been approved and expecting to start working in December 2018 or latest January 2019. The maximum junior doctor earns here is approximately € 400 per month.
4. Personally I dream of becoming a specialist and for the country I dream that one day every Gambia has a quality and affordable healthcare which I want to be a part of.

Report March 3, 2019

I completed my medical education in July 2018. Officially I and my colleagues were sworn in and licensed by the Gambia medical and dental council on the 13  day of November 2018. As part of the requirements of The Gambia Medical and Dental Council, I have been employed by Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital to do my Internship under salary as a medical doctor whilst acquiring clinical experience in which I have to stay for atleast 6 months in the department of obstetrics and gynecology, 6 months in department of internal medicine, 6 months in the department of pediatrics and 6 months in the department of surgery. I officially started work on 22 January 2019 at the department of obstetrics and gynecology and the experience is overwhelmingly great!

Uppföljning i Gambia oktober 2019

Bakary fortsätter med sitt två-åriga  ”housemanship” (ungefär at) på Edvard Frances small Teaching Hospital dvs det enda offentliga sjukhuset i Gambia. Det ligger i huvudtaden Banjul och hette tidigare Victoria Hospital. Han och de andra underläkarna arbetar hårt. Arbetspassen kan vara upp till 40 timmar. Månadslönen motsvarar femtusen svenska kronor. Efter housemansjip byts den temporära legitimationen mot en riktig. Bakary har just avslutat sin placering inom obstetrik/gynekologi och flyttat över till pediatrik. Han säger att han aldrig ha ångrat sitt yrkesval. Han försöker lägga undan pengar från sin lön för att senare ha råd med postgraduate studier och specialisera sig inom kardiologi.

February 2021

 I just finished my housemanship last January. We applied for our permanent license to be processed. For the meantime I am deployed at the covid-19 case management team. Aside from that I have just started a postgraduate diploma with the University of South Wales online, pastime program. The postgraduate diploma is in Diabetic and Endocrinology and sponsored by Merck foundation. I am looking for ways to go do my specialization sooner.