Awa Darboe

Awa Darboe

I am 25 years old girl, living in Bundung. I am a Gambian, studying Nursing in the University of the Gambia. I have a vision which is to reduce suffering and I believe by been a nurse I can achieve that

Life has not been easy but thanks to the scholarship of A for A scholarship. This have given me the opportunity to complete my long term worries of how to pay my fees. Now l am one step closer in achieving my goals of being a nurse. Ooh thanks A for A!!!


Fall semester 2016:

This year has been the best year of my stay in the University of the Gambia, all thanks to A for A. My greatest achievement is that I am able to register all of my six course for this semester namely: NURSING SEARCH, ADVANCE HEALTH AND PSYCHAITRIC, MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING, COMMUNITY NUTRITION AND SUSTANAIBLE DEVELOPMENT, my challenges so far are am not having a Laptop to read my notes, give presentation or do my research works however, I take the notes and print them since all the notes are in power point presentation which I pay for and Is very expensive. We did not start any exams yet but we are starting our mid team exam very soon.

Spring semester 2017

I have successfully registered all my five courses for this semester, we will be going for our community health nursing next month around the 26 or 29. I have achieved a lot now in term of my grade, i had my lectures on time and am hard the studies for the mid term mind is stable now. thanks

Fall semester 2017

2017 is one of the best years for me in the university.In July 2017,i was able to do my long awaiting community research which I finally did in a village called Farafenni in upper Badibou.I have also improve in term of my grades all thanks to you A for A

Spring semester 2018

I first of all thank you and your association, it has been a great year for me i started my internship going from facilities to facilities in the Gambia, working under my on space with little or no supervision, among all i have a great experience working in the labor ward,which has been making me to debate whether to go for midwiferies of pediatric. it feels so nice to hold this babies and it feels even more nicer to help the women in labour and at the end she telling you ’THANK YOU’.

Bachelor’s degree nursing July 2018

October 2018

We had finished  exams and all our course have been entered  on  the portal. Now we are done with the internship, yesterday my final  transcript  was given to me,  i went to the register’s office  and he told me that my attestation  will be done before the end of the week. I am very   sorry for not been updating  you. The issue of the  license  is done now. May be after attestation  I will apply  the the license  since we are done the boad exam ?  and we all pass it. Best regards Awa

10 december 2018

I do  a voluntary  work at one government  hospital  now,as I  wait for ministry  call about getting my licence. t I wish  to study pediatric  nursing  for my masters   next year or so but the university in the Gambia  does not offer it.

5 Feb 2019

I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to A for A without whom I would have been able to complete my university education.i really meant this!
I have not yet start work with the government but I have started with one private hospital ,I want to continue looking for another job in another private hospitals so as to have more to help my family whiles the ministry is  taking  the they need for our allocation.
Follow-up October 2019
Works at a small private clinic with two doctors. Lots of responsability!
March 2021
Works at Fajikunda Major Health Car Center. Awrad for best OPD nurse.
I see patients,take complains,send them for the necessary investigations before taking their complains and results to the doctor for medications. I also see emergencies, start the first aid and the necessary investigations as well.