Aminata Makalo

Aminata Makalo

I am a young lady of 26years,studying nursing in the university of Gambia

The A for A scholarship has taken away the stress and difficulties I and my family went through to settle my tuition fees. The money that should be spend on me is now been spend on my siblings, letting also them go to school. It has also help my country because am also contributing in the improvement of the Health status of my country.

Fall semester 2016

I successfully registered all my six courses which are Medical Surgical Nursing, Advance Health and Physical Assessment, Nursing Research, Mental Health,Community Nutrition, and Sustainable development. We have not done any exam yet for this semester. My challenges for this semester are I am not having a laptop; I use my phone or the internet. The cause of research, typing, and printing of my lecture notes are very expensive.

Spring semester 2017

My academic performance has improve, i attain all my lectures, and on time. there is no shortage of lectures and they all attained classes on time and delivered as expected. i have completed the courses for last semesters

Fall semester 2017

In July I went for my community health nursing in Farafeni.where I do a reach with my group members

Spring semester 2018

It have been a great year of 2017-2018

Bachelor’s degree nursing July 2018

Follow-up October 2019:

Nurse in pediatrics at Sir Frances Hospital