Aminata Ceesay

Aminata Ceesay

My name is Aminata Ceesay. I am 22 years old. I live in Bakau with my parents. I attended Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute (GTMI), from there I went to Masroor Senior Secondary School from there I went to Management Development Institute MDI. I like research and learning new things.

Spring semester 2018

I have knowledge about computer programing, how to use excel and power point display in different ways. I understood what needs to be done with regards to development planning, the things that shpuld be focus on and how to implement plans. I know the reasons why planning in most African countries are too ambitious because too many plans are put in place and the Government want to achieve all those plans within a short period of time. I have also learned new base communication language in French, how to write a letter in French and how to give descriptions. I have also learned how to write minutes, reports, circular letter, memo, and other important document that are use in offices, through use of English 102.

Fall semester 2018

Thank God, I was able to complete my French courses the first and Second level. I also completely my Basic English language studies level one and two. During the semester I had learned more and deeply rooted elements of development which will help me as a guiding principle as a social developer in my future career. Courses namely Community development studies, Population and development, popular Approaches to Development and Right-Based Approach to development. These courses are very important as a development studies major, It mold and give you more knowledge on what you doing

Spring semester 2019

So far I have studie research method and how to participate in all form of research methods, theories and concepts. I have also learned about Rural Urban Development which boost my skills about rural urban development and this gives me a know how to effect development. I also study tourism and development which makes me to trace the importance’s Of tourism in The Gambia. I was awarded a certificate of participation and merit for taking part in a research topic organized by the 13th executive cousel of the Student body of Social sciences and humanities students association

Fall semester 2019

I have learned a lot after the courses I have did for this semester and the previous ones, it has added value on my career as a presenter and of course the way I see issues regarding Gender base violence, women participation towards national development, social policy which teaches about ways of implementing good policies for effective development, project planning which teaches you how to write project proposals, how to make it unique and motivate donors. I also learned about seminar in development studies looking at case studies in different countries how and what did they do to achieve development. I have achieved a lot so far and the challenges I face one of it is the issue of laptop to do my assignments, presentation, reflection writing and to keep my lecture notes. I am struggling to do my assignments, reflection writing and presentation PowerPoint, I need laptop for all this works. Another thing Is the issue of transportation, it has been a challenge for me, sometimes I have to lean money from friends and family for transportation, my salary it’s not enough to cover all my school expenses.

Spring semester 2020

So far my grades from the last semester were impressed, and it was a great achievement for me, as I was facing lots of challenges because the courses I did together were so hard and not easy subjects to pass, but with determination and lot of studies I was able to make it. As for the challenges had always remains which amongst the challenges is lack of laptop to do my assignments, keep my lecture notes, to prepare presentation slides, and write academic reflections. And I have been using my friends laptop and sometimes my work place computers but I can also use them when I am at work or school with my friends but when I am at home I will not able to access them to do my academic works.
Another thing is the issue of Data connection for the online lectures, Internet connectivity is expensive in The Gambia, although UTG tries to partner with one of the GSM operators namely Africel to provide Megabytes for students to use during online lectures, unfortunately the amount of mega bytes sent at the beginning which was 1,500 mega bytes were not enough for all the online classes. Currently as I write to you, this issues becomes a problem between UTG and Africell. Some students are complaining and reacting to the situation that Africel refuse to give students unlimited data for the online classes. The reason why they refuse that is not known to me.

Another challenge is also missing grades, some of my grades for three courses from first semester is still missing and I went to the faculty office several times to report the matter but still it’s not fix. But I will continue to make follow up when we resume.

November 2020

I hereby announce to you that I won the position of the vice presidency for the 16th executive council of SoSHSA. I am the Vice President elect.  And my team PANACEA won the other position expect the presidency.  But we are proud to win 9 positions out of 10th position. Kindly extend the message to the team and my deepest appreciation to the team for the support.

December 2020:

Received Certificate of achievement for completing citizens’ Alliance training on * Political orientation, leadership & Ethic



Fall semester 2020

I  obtained very useful information towards effective development through the courses I did last semester, it is really helpful in shaping my ideas and way forward to successful career path

Spring semester 2021

Writing thesis

July 2021

I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you, your team and AForA scholars for granting the chance to further my education and bagger my first degree 📜 Bachelor of Arts in Development studies. I am forever grateful and I prayed for you, your team and AFro A for more progress and prosperity. Special thank goes to you for to decided to help me get the support for my education, thank you so much for your support and help, i truly appreciate it. I finally received my attestation today.

I really want to give back to the social through lecturing what I learned to the University of The Gambia 🇬🇲 and other. To do that I need to further my masters program and by having master’s degree it will also be more added advantage to have job as a social worker that contribute immensely towards national development of our societies.

Currently I am still working where I was working as a presenter, hosting a program namely:- Meet Mina show at Africa business linkage media (ABL media). Currently I am inviting aspiring political parties leaders for presidential election in December 04th 2021. To discuss their policies and agenda for the people of The Gambia.

February 2022

I am glad to inform you that I have completed my BSC in development studies and therefore I shall be graduating next month (5th of March, 2022).

Kindly extent the message to the entire team of A for A scholars and sisters of Soroptimist sisters of Stockholm-City that you are all invited.

The University of The Gambia is also organizing convocation lecture on the 26th of February 2022, before the graduation to engage graduates on counseling programs and guidance to life after Bagging your first BSC in academic.

In the same vain, I am pleased to inform you that The university of The Gambia has presented my certificate of merits for serving as the Vice President of the 16th executive council of the school of social sciences and humanities students association.

March 5 2022

Graduation day: Thank you so much, I am grateful! And once again extend my sincere appreciation for the team in making my dreams a reality, I am so thankful for every support to bag my first degree, I truly appreciate everything, special thanks goes to you for granting me the opportunity in changing my life for the better and to the next level, I achieved what I achieved today because of your help, guidance and services to humanitarian!