Amadou Sowe

Amadou Sowe

Your contribution in my life is timely and sensational

I am Amadou Sowe, a Gambian by origin. I am a young boy of about 25 years old. I am fair in complexion, fairly tall with a height of 1.7m and a weight of 76kg. My eyes are fairly big and bright. I am currently pursuing a degree in political science. I am very serious with my academic work; I am both pleasant and hardworking. This program is an appropriate response to the problems of poverty and conflict stability. I think there is urgent need to prepare future responsible holders in this country for sustainable development and poverty reduction.

I am grateful to AforA for given me the enabling platform to attains my dream in the UTG

Fall semester 2018

I have so far scored a promising grades from the continuous assessments of the courses I registered this semester. I am currently working with others to conduct a research on mental stigma in the Gambia.I was involved in sensitization program in our village last month about the new constitutional review in the Gambia. I was invited in our annual village meeting to give a speech, I talked about the rights of the people in determining their constitution

Spring semester 2019_

I am able topresent all my assignments on time, I am also scored high marks in all my mid term assessments. I am also engage in a political awareness outreach to my village on the 20th of April.

Fall semester 2019:

My academic achievementa are huge this semester. I was able to credit all my courses and held a sensitization program at our village about women’s right back in November.

Spring semester 2020:

This semester has been so challenging for me but I am doing well

Fall semester 2020:

I’m able to score high grades in all the courses am doing this semester in the first assignments so far. I am also engaged in community sensitization about political rights in our community as the Gambia is going in the presidential election 2021. I’m preparing for the graduation but I still have lot of  courses  to be uploaded and I am then inishing my bachelors after these exams.

November 2021

All exams ready and waiting for clearance. I am so grateful to you for the contribution you impact on my life. There can’t be more help than this ever done for me in this world. You are the champion of my life, I owed you my life. I don’t know which better word I have to express my sincere happiness to you and your family. Thank you, thanks for the wonderful news you have for me thanks for the open heart you have for me thanks for your kindness thanks for been there for thanks for everything. May the lord reward you abundantly. You don’t know the impact that you have contributed in my life honestly speaking I owed you my life, I’m grateful and never can be more happier than today. The amount of joy you put in my life is beyond imagination.

January 2022

Working as a teacher in secondary school while waiting for attestation.