Alimu M Jallow

Alimu M Jallow

Hi, I am Alimu, a final year Nursing student. When I graduate I am hoping to go back to the rural communities to render my service. Unlike the people who are living in our urban areas, I think my service is needed more in rural Gambia where our fellow citizens are in dire need of health care services. Having access to health care is a great challenge for the average rural man/woman. Health care decentralization across the country is one of the top priorities of the Government of the Gambia. I want to complement their efforts. I am urging everyone to join me in this crusade because ” a healthy nation is a wealthy nation”

A for A means more than just a scholarship to me. It’s a ”messiah ”. A savior that has seen me through my toughest days in my academic career. It’s the messiah that saved me from quitting University. Without their support, I would not have been where I am today. They’ve positively transformed my life as well as my family’s. I want to seize this opportunity to say ”Jaraama” (Thank You) to A4A

Fall semester 2016

This semester has been going smoothly so far. Currently we are on our midterm exams. I registered a maximum of 6 courses this semester. They are: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Advance Health and Physical Assessment, Health Systems Research, Psychiatry Nursing, Community Health Nursing, and Sustainable Development. In addition to the above courses, we also having clinical practice twice a week at the hospital. So in general, though the courses are bulky, the semester is going smoothly as planned. I will be having my final exams in December.

Spring semester 2017:

It has been a great academic year. I, with a couple of friends started an initiative called ” we are stronger together ”. This initiative is geared towards helping our junior class to improve their clinical nursing practice skills. We usually go the wards as a team to help them in learning new skills that would increase their competence as well as their professionalism. In the same vain, I was elected as the Finance Secretary of the University of the Gambia’s Nursing Students Association (UTGNSA).

Fall semester 2017:

So far the semester has been going good for me. I did 2 test evaluation exams so far. Am glad to inform you that I passed both with credit. I hoping to have good scores by the end of the semester if everything goes smoothly.

Spring semester 2018:

I am happy to inform you I was able to credit all my courses in 2017

Bachelor’s degree nursing July 2018

19 december 2018

I have completed my internships and I have also gotten my license a couple of weeks back. so these days I am busy writing to hospitals and clinics for a job. my preference though is to work with the Ministry of Health in government/public hospitals where I would be posted in rural areas. I believe my services are needed there more than the urban areas.

3 Feb 2019

It is with great honor and pleasure to write this message to inform you and team A4A that I’ve finally graduated Bachelors of Science in Nursing (Honors) from the University of the Gambia. I was one of the 600+ students that graduated yesterday at UTG’s 11th convocation ceremony.
It was both a joyous and an emotionless day to be with family, friends and loved ones.
None of this would have been possible without God, Family and Team A4A…  Thanks, Academy for Academics for the support.
Being the first in my family to go school is a big a fit talkless of backing a degree. A new milestone in my family. credits go to A4A.
To whom much is given, much is expected! Can’t wait to start serving my nation!
As I had mentioned in my previous mails I am planning to work with the ministry of health to serve my people. I and my colleagues have applied for a job with the mibistry since last December. But we are still yet to get a call from them. Its getting frustrating.. If by mid-February they don’t employ us, I would be left with no option but to snub them for the private sector because I can’t wait forever. I have to work to support myself and my family too.
With regards to my educational plans.. I’ll be applying for masters scholarships to different universities to see if I’ll be lucky to be awarded one. If by next academic year ( September 2019) nothing works out, I am planning to join the UTG again for Computer Science to study while working.
 Dec 2019
Alimu applied to the Ministry of health after graduation and was admitets and posted in the provinces at Bwiam hospital, where he now has a permanent employment. He started in the medical clinic, the went on to suregry and will now work with out-patients. The hopsital has around 30 beds, including pediatrics. Surgery in obs/gyn is done. The shifta are long, ofter 12 hours and 7 shipfts in a row are followed by a week’s leave. Alimu likes his job and learns a lot. He is happy that he can now contribute to the support of his family and pay for his sister going to secondary school. In teh furutre he would like to take a master’s degree possibly within the field of computor science to be a part of the development of digital health care.
March 2021
Working as a nurse at teh Portsmouth NHS hospital in UK.