Alagie Alimu

Alagie Alimu

I am Alagie Alamu studying nursing in the University of the Gambia. I was admitted in the University of the Gambia in 2015 and as you know the fee for a university education is expensive, thank God to AforA who came to my rescue and are now sponsoring my university education.

AforA means everything to me, AforAhelp me uplift my interest in acquiring my Nursing degree. Without the intervention of AforA in my life, acquiring a nursing job degree in a university will have never been possible. A times I do wonder and feels like AforA is the reward of all my good deeds and my prayer’s to God. In addition to that AforA has not only help me but as well improve the well being of my family especially my Mom that she now have a peace of mind compare to the day’s before AforA came to my Salvation. AforA has eradicate the stress that my Mom undergo before when the tuition fee of the university rings in her ear. AforA does not only save me but extent further to sponsor many young aspiring boys and girls of the Gambia, which will really contribute to the future development of the Gambia. Finally I will like to thank all the members of this esteem foundation called AforA for their job well done in the Gambia. I have to stop here because it said maximum of 50 words but I have more than 50 words in expressing my gratitude of what AforA means to me, my family and my Country as a whole.

Fall semester 2016:

I registered for six courses this semester and they are 1.Basic nursing skills 2.Pharmacology 3. Basic math’s 4.Medical microbiology 5.Human Functional Anatomy 6.Cultural studies. Will also be having my exam my the end of this month starting with basic Nursing skills and Human functional Anatomy and the rest in December

Spring semester 2017

I have been offered a certificate for being an active team member in the nursing football club during our pass open day ceremony.

Fall semester 2017

A great improvement in my continuous assessment and pass my exams in all the courses that I registered for last semester. My grade point average (GPA) has also greatly improve since I ha passed all my courses

Spring semester 2018

I have successfully scored very remarkable grades in my transcript so far my transcript is enrich with only A’s and B’s in the different courses that I have registered

Fall semester 2018

So far done well in my midterm exams for my courses

Spring semester 2019

So far I have registered all my courses successfully and as well have good grades in my presentation and the tests that I have undergone so fa

October 2019

I am busy with the registration process to the Gambia nursing council and also studying for the Nursing exam that will be on the 26th of this month

Follow-up October 2019

Just wrote Nursing Exam, waiting for results

July 2020

I would like to tell you that finally am now posted as a registered nurse by the ministry of health of the Gambia at a health centre in a village called Kafuta Health Centre.
On a very vital note I will like to Thank you for everything you and your team AforA for shaping my life and assisting me in reaching my goals.

April 2022

Working at the biggest hospital of The Gambia EFSTH at the emergency department.