Abdoullie Sallah

Abdoullie Sallah

I am Abdoulie SALLAH, a Gambian by origin; I am fair in complexion with a height of 1.7 and a weight of 64kg. I am a diploma in law possessor and currently pursuing a degree in law at the University of the Gambia. I choose law because I like to be in cognizant with trending affairs around the globe and could not think of any eye opening career than the legal fraternity. In my world; the future begins tomorrow but the best is yet to come.

Thank you AforA for the opportunity given to me…..

Fall semester 2018:

I will describe it as a very good semester, however i believe their is still room for improvement

Spring semester 2019:

2019 is going as expected, i am doing good with my assessment and the fascinating part their is an increment in my extra curriculum activities.

Fall semester 2019:

My last semester went great, thus is was challenging as i was nominated the chairman of the law student electoral commission. the position comes with great challenge but with dedication and hard work i was able to conquer it. my challenges am facing currently is that my graduation is due next December and am still struggling with the Law Faculty administration to provide certain course.

Spring semester 2020:

The lecture break do to corona laoch down is too much as a matter of fact time has is wasted

August 2020

I have received a provisinal letter of bachelor’s degree in order to apply for the bar program.

It’s a delicate and long process, thus it start with bar requirements courses such as constitutional law, evidence law 1 and 2, contract 1 and 2, criminal law etc. one must attained a minimum of C in the required courses. And thank God I will pass that stage. These will shaped the first shortlisting,  And then to the second stage, the second will be an exam of 30minutes where you will be required to write 3 essays of all legal problems. The essay could be based on area of your four years legal studies at the university.  The final stage is the interviewing, the applicant will face a panel with minimum of atleast 5 people, the panelist are either judges or season trained lawyers or both. They will be firing law questions from any angle. Thus, if you pass this stage too. You will be given an admission to the bar school.