Cherno Ebrima Jallow

Cherno Ebrima Jallow

I’m a final year nursing student. I’m currently serving as the Assistant Gender and Health minister of the University of the Gambia Students’ union. I’d want to complete my course and continue serving humanity.

This scholarship has been a lifesaver for me personally. Since then, I have been relieved. My parents were so happy when I told them about it. I believe I can now settle for studies without the angst of tuition. It’s a dream come true for me… I thank Margareta and my sponsor for the selfless offer given to me and many others. It will go a long way in helping me realize my dream of serving humanity. A humble nurse to be

“It’s impossible to do something unless you are healthy. Lots of people have dreams that they cannot fulfill due to problems with heath and finance”

Fall semester 2016:

Well this semester is quite interesting because I am doing some advanced and hands-on courses  like physical assessment which make me appreciate the clinical area more.

Spring semester 2017

I have been contributing to students’ unionism at the University. I was a member of the Gender And Health Committee of the university of the Gambia Students’ Union 2016-2017 academic year. I am now the Assistant Gender And Health Minister of the University of the Gambia Students’ Union (UTGSU) 16th Executive Council. I’m the Outgoing Assistant Financial Secretary of the University of the Gambia Nursing Students’ Association (UTGNSA ). I’m currently attending a leadership training at the university called the UTG Leadership Fellowship.

Fall semester 2017

I’ve been able to register all my courses and start the semester delightfully.

Spring semester 2018

I am able to register and pass all my courses

Bachelor’s degree nursing July 2018

9 december 2018

 I haven’t gor a job yet. And as such, I’m yet to have my license..My future plans are to start work, help my communities through my skills meanwhile gain experience and further study to improve on my knowledge and be better equipped to serve humanit

July 2020

I have been engaged in community development and youth work. Currently, I am doing an internship at the American Corner in The Gambia. Furthermore, I am writing my research to complete my studies