Adama Jallow

Adama Jallow

I am Adama s Jallow. I am 22 years of age .I live in Kololi village, Westcoast region, The Gambia. I am attending the University of the Gambia studying law and I am my third year second semester. In complexion I am brown. I like promoting justice and I dislike injustice and discrimination.

First and foremost I would like to thank A for A for giving such an opportunity to the less fortunate people like me to able to achieve their dreams in life which is to have a good degree and to able to take good care of myself and my family and finally to make sure that justice is serve in order to have a better Gambia

Fall semester 2016

This semester is indeed a very stressful one because it is short but am putting much effort in it .and the courses I have taken are six in number and they are as follows; constitutional law 2 ,administrative law ,company law, Islamic family law, tort law and contract law 2. And as for exams we have not started yet but we have done some test and assignments and from this so far I can assure you that am trying my level best because our test and assignments are all over 50% and can say that all of my assessments so far are all ranging from 35-40%.and am expecting a better improvement in the upcoming exams

Spring semester 2017

Even though things have been challenging but I have been putting in much effort just to make sure that I continue having good burning the meet night candles

Fall semester 2017

I am presently part of the law faculty executive due to my brilliant performance in school. I have aalso been to a mooting competition and came out third and I am the class president in almost all my courses in school.

Spring semester 2018

I am the current class representative in most of my courses ,am currently the social secretary of the law students association and I have participated in several school activities like debates, moot, seminars just to name a few

Fall semester 2018

I was an executive member of the law students association I was the welfare minister I have as participated in debate and mooting competition as well as first aid trainings to name a few

Summer 2020       

I am yet to do my bar school, I am now a legal clerk  and am working as a trainee under senior lawyers.

Graduation ceremony February 2021