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Bill Clinton Alex

Bill Clinton Alex

My full name is Bill Clinton Alex and I am a student at The University of the Gambia studying computer science and currently in the first semester of my third year. To dissolve your probable doubts, yes –that indeed is my name. I am twenty years old and a Gambian by nationality and a Nigerian by decent.

I have only a few hobbies because I generally get bored of most entertainment unusually fast. My main hobbies include watching analyzing anime, reading novels, playing or making video games, coding, writing spoken word and listening to almost any genre of music. For as long as I can remember, I have always been playing one or another video game, or being amazed by the functionality and code of programs. They are a both a core part of my identity and my greatest passions.


Fall semester 2021

I have not had any assessments yet so there are no academic achievements at the moment. I am in the process of resigning from my current job that is presenting the only challenge to me currently.

Currently, I’m working on an event that will be happening around May. It’s a game festival. Alongside that, I’ll soon be starting work on a application that I hope can greatly change the organ and blood donation speed and efficiency around Gambia then the world.

Isatou Ceesay

Isatou Ceesay

Spring 2020

I am Isatou Ceesay who was born and raised in the Gambia with my parents. I have three sisters and brothers.  My borther and father past away three years ago and we are now living with my mother’s family. This is my first year attending university. My long trem educational goal is to obtain a masters degree in mangement. Early in my high school yeras I discovered a personal truth: that I have no limitations other than those I choose to impose on myself. Everyone bing to the world unique talents, gidts and abilities and some of mine include my strong  will and my determination to be able to give back to the comunity in which I was raised. My plams are not only to use education as a tool to prepare me for a vocation but  also to help me become a self sufficient individual who is fully prepared for life. education because a nation can not develop without it . Knowledge and education is the only thing that will give us everything in life like success, wealth and respect. If I am educated  I will know how to solve poblems and beahve with people.

Moreover my parents did not realise all the important values I have learned from them. Seeing my parenst struggling to support me in the finnacila suituation which is not good, I hope that my love for management can make a difference in the life of my family and friends.

Fall semester 2020:

I contribute to class when ever our teachers ask questions in class and i did well in the test ,assignments and the exam we did .
I also have the awareness of communication skills due to the group presentation we also did in class because is being able to practise in front of one another


Spring semester 2021:

Academic achivements: I have been scoring good grade ,perfect attendance awards .Award for best student in marketing and advertising .I am also playing football for my school.

Fall semester 2021:

1. having a good presentation skill work with students
3. working with health on polio vaccination
4.was working with peace ambassador for this year election