Buba Darboe

My name is Buba darboe and am 21 years old. I am single and staying with my mother and two younger siblings at rented apartment in Banjul. I like reading, cooking, exercising, and visiting my friends whenever possible

I believe modern technics must be used for curing disease. I have had a passion for medicine since childhood. There is so much need in community. I am worried that the doctor/patient-ratio is so low.

Spring semster 2018

I was able to have good grades in all my courses

Spring semester 2019

Having credit in all my subjects

Fall semester 2019

My achievement was passing all my courses. My main challenge is travelling from kombo to Banjul everyday for classes

Spring semester 2020

My biggest acievement is passing my part 2 medical school professional exams.

Fall semester 2020

I was able to passed all exams

Spring semester 2021

I have continued working hard to maintain my grades and improve my technical skills.

Fall semester 2021:

Passing all my courses.

Spring semester 2022

Passing all ny exams( both clinical and theoretical)

Fall semester 2022

I passed all my exams during this period. There was no remarkable challenges during 2022 but during my time at the university over all I became more sociable, more matured emotionally, and more discipline.

March 2023

Passed final medical exam and ready for graduation and internship.