Bill Clinton Alex

My full name is Bill Clinton Alex and I am a student at The University of the Gambia studying computer science and currently in the first semester of my third year. To dissolve your probable doubts, yes –that indeed is my name. I am twenty years old and a Gambian by nationality and a Nigerian by decent.

I have only a few hobbies because I generally get bored of most entertainment unusually fast. My main hobbies include watching analyzing anime, reading novels, playing or making video games, coding, writing spoken word and listening to almost any genre of music. For as long as I can remember, I have always been playing one or another video game, or being amazed by the functionality and code of programs. They are a both a core part of my identity and my greatest passions.

Fall semester 2021

I have not had any assessments yet so there are no academic achievements at the moment. I am in the process of resigning from my current job that is presenting the only challenge to me currently.

Currently, I’m working on an event that will be happening around May. It’s a game festival. Alongside that, I’ll soon be starting work on a application that I hope can greatly change the organ and blood donation speed and efficiency around Gambia than the world.

Spring semester 2022

I’ve been working on projects that I’ve been advised to pursue even after school. I have learned to never limit myself to my field. There’s far more to computers than computer science and the lessons at school so I pursue that knowledge on my own.

Fall semester 2022

I have began practicing practical applications of what I’ve learned in my personal time and I will be putting together a Hackaton to design an application with a few of my colleges.

Spring semester 2023

The semester is still early but I’ve been working towards a few personal goals outside of my education that will make an impact on the younger generation