Äntligen vaccinerad

Det berättar medicine studerande Leroy Lenard Ikhine och bekriver pandemin och läget nu så här: COVID-19 came at an unexpected peak of my learning. It was a difficult moment at first having to social distance, wear a mask when you’re gatherings and in public transports. I felt unsafe outside at some point knowing that alot weren’t taking precautions, even within my home. Luckily I’ve managed to overcome the fears of getting Covid whistle ignoring the myths that was spread across the country. I have taken my first vaccine and hope to take my second shot soon. Leroy och de andra medicinstudenterna är de av AforA:s studenter som drabbats mest av förseningar i sina studier pga pandemin. Men Leroy och hans kurskompisar har också kunnat bidra stort: I personally as a medical student was helping in my own way at our general hospital EFSTH. Checking peoples temperatures before they entered into the hospital and making sure they washed their hands after leaving. Making sure I spread awareness about the virus and ways to prevent it in my own community.