Ousman arbetar med covidtester

Ousman E Bah tog sin kandidatexamen i biologi med hjälp av AforA 2018. Efter att ha arbetat med undervisning under en period berättar han nu om sitt arbete med covidtestning:  I am now working with the ministry of health as a Laboratory Scientist. Yes all the covid sample collection and testing is done at our center.  Here in the Gambia we are going on the second wave. All social gathering has been banned from the 8th of March. But we need more education on the issue to ensure compliance with the regulations. It’s is indeed getting more and more difficult for us as price of goods and services are escalating. We received over 20,000 vaccine from our neighbors Senegal. But some people are questioning the safety of the vaccine. It will have consequences for us all in the future.