Undervisning under coronapandemin

Dagens rapport från Gambia berättar om fyra bekräftade fall av covid-19. Landet har stängt sina gränser och offentlig verksamhet är till största delen stängd.  Uiversitetet erbjuder undervisning på distans med de små medel man har men många studenter har ingen möjlighet att tillgodgöra sig den. Vår Alieu Gasama, journaliststudent berättar om situationen på universitetet: We need to move to online learning.lack of access to technology or fast reliable internet access can prevent me, from disadvantaged family background.yet The Gambia has worse internet access and at a very highest average rate.The University of the Gambia have not got the capacity to teach online.
University provide essential learning and when it is closed I am deprived opportunity for growth and development.
Coming from disadvantaged family I am disproportionate fri under-prevelegde learners who tend to have fewer educated opportunities beyond school. University are hub of socially activity and human interaction when school is close I miss out social contact that is essential to learning. All of my free time I usually go to the  library to study  but it is now closed due to COVID -19.  COVID-19 pandemic also affected my research I’m doing on illegal dumping and the effect on our health and environmental.I suppose to summit it next month.