Drömmen om en rättvis sjukvård

Samma möjligheter att förebygga cancer om du bor i Gambia som om du bor i Sverige. Det är vad vår medicine student Fatoumata S Jallow drömmer om:  One of the things top on my list is about Cervical Cancer. This is a disease that is detectable, preventable and curable but we still have our women dying from it which I believe is unacceptable. This I said because it’s a disease that alerts you about it’s coming years before it comes. I would form a group with some healthcare providers to help increase awareness on cervical cancer and encourage sexually active women to go for screening which if possible would be provided for free in other to pick the precancerous lesions early and treat them before they become cancer. We would also try lobby for HPV vaccine for not yet sexually active young girls in other to prevent them from getting the HPV infection which causes the cervical precancerous lesions. This I believe would go a long way in the improvement of our health sector.

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