Ridwan Adiola Lanlokun

Ridwan Adiola Lanlokun

My name is Ridhwan Abiola Lanlokun,a 23 years old who is currently in my fourth year of medical program at the University Of The Gambia Medical School.I am a humble medical Student who wishes to specialize in hematology upon completion of my medical degree

Fall semester 2017:

My Academic achievement in 2017 is Good and I hope to do better

Spring semester 2018:

My academic performance has been Good so far this academic year.I did well in all the course I have done

Fall semester 2018:

My achievement has been good because i passed all the exams i have done so far

Spring semester 2019:

My performance so far has been good as I did well in all my case presentations and exams

Fall semester 2019:

My academic performance this semester has been good,however I am hoping to do better in the coming academic year.

Spring semester 2020:

I passed the examinations I wrote in 2020..However the major challenge now is having access to the wards to better my skills.

Fall semester 2020:

I recently did the part three Professional Examination and I successfully passed the exams.However the Pandemia has ruined and delayed our timeline for graduation and also has had a financial and social impact.