Nina Nyafuna

Nina Nyafuna

My name is Nina Nyafuna. I am 20 years  old and a Gambian by nationality. I am a hard working student that graduated from Saint Joseph’s Senior Secondary School in 2016 with eight(8) credits and a pass in mathematics which I sat for a repeated exam and credited. I applied at the University of The Gambia and got admission to study Economics. I started studying in January 2017 and am studying hard to have good grades.

I am really in need of the scholarship to continue my education and contribute towards nation development but as at the moment am not financially strong. I am the only child in my family that has made it to university. My parents have eight(8) children and I am the fourth child. My father is a mason and mother is a housewife which makes it hard for them to continue paying my tuition fee because it is expensive. My father asked me to look for scholarship or else my education will have to end. I am a student that has so much interest in education because I believe it is the only key to success and these can be achieve through your help in granting me scholarship.

If I am offered the scholarship, I will double up my effort in making sure that you would not regret giving me an opportunity to move on. I will work harder to produce excellent grades and make you proud and the community at large. A degree in Economics will be a dream come true and also assist in moving the nation forward. I really need the scholarship and hoping to hear from you soon

Fall semester 2018

The term went smoothly. I attended every lecture I registered and concentrate in class. I study at home to make sure I understand better what I have been taught. I also attend tutorial classes

Spring semester 2019

This year is going smoothly. I have been attending lectures and also tutorial classes to help me understand more on the courses I am studying

Fall semester 2019

It was not okay. Lectures were going well and smoothly

Spring semester 2020

Things were going smoothly in the beginning but when the virus got out of hand, everything become stagnant but with the online classes, I am managing to catch up.

Fall semester 2020

2020 has been a very challenging year. The online classes where not favorable because in The Gambia, we have poor connection which made it hard to follow up with classes.