Kanni Touray

Kanni Touray

My name is Kanni Touray. I am 20 years old. I am tall, slim and black in complection. I like reading and cooking. I was born in Gambia in Kololi village. I have four sisters and a brother we all live with our parents

Spring semester 2018:

I have achieve a great pass in 2017 as i have A*(excellent)in most of my courses.

Fall semester 2018:

I have been able to have higher grades which increases my GPA

Spring semester 2019:

So far I have improve in my grades as I’m able to have high grades in all the Tests and assignments

Fall semester 2019:

I have a very good grades in all my courses so far in 2019

Spring semester 2020:

My achievement is I am able to have A’s in my recent grades entered. And the challenge I face so far is unable to meet my supervisor for my final year project.