Bubacarr Conteh

Bubacarr Conteh

I’m Bubacarr Conteh,23 year old young dynamic guy with passion for education. I’m a second year first semester student at the university of The Gambia. Pursuing a degree in mathematics

Spring semester 2019:

My 2019 academic achievement is fine. So far all the assesments I did are impressing. This gave high hope that it will all end well

Fall semester 2019:

2019 is an amazing year for me, because academically I did well and excepting to continue on that. There were lot of challenges but with determination I was able to overcome them all

Spring semester 2020:

2020 was an interesting year because I attended the students week which enables me to meet with various people in different works of life and we share a lot of ideas which helps me a lot
Moreover, we were able to meet the students in Tendaba and sensitized them on illegal migration. Besides, I was optimistic that it will be one of my best semesters until the sudden appearance of this COVID-19.

Fall semester 2020:

To be candid 2020 is a year to remember. It really hinder my educational spirit and performance. The online classes plus the Covid-19 pandemic have changed everything.