Binta Sallah

Binta Sallah

I’m Binta M Sallah, s second year law student from the university of The Gambia. I’m 5’8 ft tall, an obstinate young woman with love for voluntary work. I serve the UTG Ambassadors foundation which is a voluntary organization that mentor high school students and seek help for orphanages and people in the mental hospitals, etc. I also serve The Gambia Red Cross Society. I’m looking forward to finishing my bachelors degree in Law and up for masters in International relationships.

I’m passionate and ready to learn new things.

Fall semester 2018:

It was challenging but I made good grades. I did 5 courses for the spring 2018 and got credit in all of them.

Spring semester 2019:

It has been hectic but going well.

Fall semester 2019:

The semester was short and hectic but we did our best and hoping to have good results. Some of the challenges included evening classes since I live really far from the school.

Spring semester 2020:

It was great until the pandemic started