Ada Bojang

Ada Bojang

I’m Ada M Bojang,  a 23year old young dynamic lady with the passion for education, community service and humanitarian work, a second year second semester student, studying development studies at the university of The Gambia

Fall semester 2018:

So far, I have been able to do all my tests, submitted all my term peppers, also conducted surveys on some trending issues in The Gambia and now preparing for exam

Spring semester 2019:

So far, being able to submit all my assignment, term peppers and my test results are also good

Fall semester 2019:

So far able to register 12 courses for this year, thus it was very difficult to register on time due to large student population, limited lecturers and small class size on the portal.

Spring semester 2020:

So far no achievements registered in this year. Major challenge is that classes have started, assignments are given out and I am yet to start.

Report June 2020:

How are you, am happy to inform you that this is my finally semester, I have completed 40 of my courses, I have 5 missing grades and am working it out with the admin.
Will like to thank you very much, without A4A it would have been very hard for me to complete my studies..
Thank you, thanks to the donors and thanks to all the board members of A4A. For now will want to start working and get more experience and contribute the little knowledge I have gain within the my field of studies. If possible will do my masters or do another degree on culinary arts and science.